These Celebrities have LOST IT ALL: Massive Weight Loss Transformations that Shocked Us

Gossip magazines and tabloids are the worst, and yet, we love reading about stars and famous people featured in them. When these celebrities gain weight, they are made fun of and trolled, but when a celeb loses weight, they MUST have gotten plastic surgery or lap band surgery! You just can’t win!

Some of the weight transformations are so drastic, it makes us look at the before and after images and wonder if they’re the same person! Whatever the route to their weight loss, these A-listers sure do look fitter than before, and there is a sea-change in their self-esteem, too!

We have rounded up some of the most awe-inspiring celebrity weight loss stories, in the hopes that we, too, can kickstart our journey to fitness! Here they are…

Melissa Joan Hart, ~ 60 Pounds – Nutrisystem, Gym and Eating Better

After delivering her third bundle of joy in 2012, Melissa & Joey and Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart was 60 pounds overweight but gladly took her time shedding it all off. In fact, she’s now in the best shape of her life!

After adopting the Nutrisystem diet and fixing her faulty eating habits, Melissa started working our with her friends or husband, who kept motivating each other. Recently, she said that she had started adding MCT oil to her water and tea and that helped lose more weight.

Drew Carey, ~ 100 Pounds – Diet and Exercise

The comedian with the big glasses and host of popular shows such as The Drew Carey Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Price is Right, Drew Carey has literally shrunk in front of our eyes while on the job! People started noticing the once-rotund host shed more than 100 lbs and drop sizes like it was nobody’s business.

Drew’s fitness journey started with him making a one-year commitment to sticking to a diet and working out regularly. Once he started noticing small changes in his health, he was more motivated to cut down on carbs, and ditch sugar, bread, pasta and sugary sodas. And look at him now, in better form than ever!

Gordon Ramsay, ~ 56 Pounds – Exercise and Eating Better

They say that you should never trust a chef who is in shape, as they may not enjoy their food as much! That’s a total lie, because celebrity chef, and proud Brit Gordon Ramsey has always been slender AND he’s a  fabulous cook. But, that wasn’t the case when he found himself weighing 250 lbs and his wife certainly didn’t approve!

The Hell’s Kitchen host jokes that he lost all the weight to save his marriage as his better half may have walked out on him. Despite his hectic work schedule, that made him overweight in the first place, Ramsay started making time for gym, hired a personal trainer and did plenty of outdoor activities and played sports with his kids. Now, he’s 56 lbs lighter.