Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a traffic accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger would be in the wrong and would not have seen a red light. Abaca

At the wheel of his vehicle, the ex-governor of California and movie star returned on Friday, in collision with a motorist in Los Angeles. She is slightly injured.

More fear than harm for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California and Terminator star had a car accident in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. The 74-year-old comedian was driving his 4×4 GMC Yukon when he collided at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue with a Toyota Prius. Two other vehicles following them were also caught in the collision. The damage is mainly only material. The driver of the Toyota was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The actor got nothing.

Footage of the accident, obtained by gossip site TMZ, is impressive. The front of the 4X4 is mounted on the hood of the Toyota. The car of the former strongman of California would then have fallen on a Porsche Cayenne.

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Source TMZ

6:40 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe the accident was Arnold’s fault. They say he was turning left but there was a left turn arrow that was still red. Arnold was not ticketed.

Source : TMZ

Arnold Schwarzenegger was just involved in a bad car accident  … so bad his monster SUV rolled over on top of another car, and that driver was badly injured.

Arnold was driving a Yukon SUV when it collided with a red Prius at around 5:00 PM PT.  His SUV started to roll and ended up on top of the Prius, then continued rolling to the left into a Porsche Taycan.

One eyewitness says it was crazy … it looked like a stunt in a movie. The collision was intense enough that the airbags deployed on the Yukon.

Source TMZ

The woman who was driving the Prius was injured — bleeding heavily from her head. We’re told an ambulance took her to the hospital.

Arnold, we’re told, is OK and is deeply concerned about the injured woman. An Arnold source tells TMZ he wants to personally check up on her.

Soiurce TMZ

Jake Steinfeld of « Body By Jake » fame was apparently at the scene at the time of the crash and that’s him in the photo (above) with Arnold. The two are close friends. In fact, when Arnold was Governor of California, Jake was the Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.

One of the witnesses says it appeared the Prius was on Sunset Blvd and Arnold was on Sunset turning left in the opposite direction when the collision occurred.

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